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Our Company Principles

Since the day of its incorporation, Ankara Interior Design Company always prioritized values such as continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, quality of the product/service, human and environmental factors pursuant to the laws and the means available to the customers. In this respect, Ankara Interior Design acts pursuant to the principles as set forth hereunder.

  • Protecting the nature, air, water, environment and the human health,
  • Compliance with the legal regulations,
  • Establishing, effectively implementing and maintaining an integrated management system,
  • Preventing pollution, reducing and sorting the wastes at the source, thus ensuring recycling thereof at maximum.
  • Safeguarding the safety and health of the employees, the business and production by creating safe work environment through mitigation of the risks.

We, in particular the top management, are committed to conduct business in line with the principles set out above, and we rely on the total engagement and full endorsement of our personnel in line with such goal.

Our Quality Policy

We produce high quality services and projects in order to overcome the problems in the sector and to maintain sustainable business relations with content customers. As Ankara Interior Design, we rely on the criteria set forth hereunder when identifying our quality policy.

  • Satisfying the needs and expectations of the customers in the best way possible.
  • Proposing flexible solutions to the problems (by avoiding any cliché) throughout all phases of the operations, and altering the course of the project, if necessary.
  • Seeking self-improvement in order to enhance the quality every time when supplying products and delivering services.
  • Providing products and services that prioritize occupational safety.
  • Comprehending the customer facts in order to deliver services at the right timetable, affordable costs and transparent process management.
  • Comprehending the needs of the customer and producing permanent and swift solutions.
  • Ensuring continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Ankara Interior Designers Company adopts this text as its quality policy, and demonstrates maximum effort in implementation of aforementioned articles.

Last Update: 30/03/2022