Environmental Policy | Ankara Interior Design
Environmental Policy | Ankara Interior Design

Ankara İç Mimarlık

Our Sustainable Environmental Policy

Ankara Interior Design acts pursuant to the sustainable environmental policy in all processes of executed works. This stance stems from our respect for the environment, all resources that the environment offers, as well as all other living beings that share the same universe with us.

We employ the most environmentally friendly materials and technology pursuant to the opportunities furnished by the project budgets, in adherence to the applicable regulations and legislation. We encourage our entire team to further look into this matter by adopting new measures and implementing improvements in each different project we handle. In this way, we create constantly improving environmental perspective.

The objectives we have developed through our awareness on environmental matters have been identified as set forth hereunder.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Ankara Interior Design reviews the legal statute on environment in all undertaken projects and pays maximum attention to fulfill all sanctions.

Conservation of Natural Resources

Ankara Interior Design distributes the workload and establishes the work schedule in all construction sites on the basis of energy efficiency and the principle “how to utilize the natural resources most efficiently”. Ankara Interior Design pays utmost attention to prevent wastage in resources such as water, power, etc.

Solid and Hazardous Wastes Containment

Ankara Interior Design minimizes its impact on the environment through containment of any hazardous wastes that may be generated in the projects under execution as well as at the settlements under its responsibility. Furthermore, Ankara Interior Design ships recyclable wastes to the respective institutions and organizations as necessary.

Awareness and Engagement

In addition to raising environmental awareness of its employees as well as the employees of all contracted subcontractors, Ankara Interior Design further ascertains protection of the environment and raising awareness thereon by acting in collaboration with the employers, the suppliers and other stakeholders.

Environmental Pollution Prevention

Ankara Interior Design either eliminates or minimizes the risks of pollution that may adversely affect the environment through the systems and methods implemented in this respect, thereby preventing further spread of probable pollution.

Last Updated: 15/03/2022