History & Background

The company has invested in its own sector for about 10 years since its establishment. Taking customer satisfaction and human resource as the major investments, it places emphasis on production power and technical infrastructure. Ankara Interiors, originally established with three persons, now employs 30+ people. Apart from the projects we can publish, it achieved many qualified projects that we could not publish in digital environment due to special reasons.

Power of Producing

In 1.200 sqm production facility located at Siteler / Ankara, TR;
  • Wood Production Plant
  • Wood Polishing/Painting Plant
  • Acrylic Countertop Production Plant
In 1.900 sqm production facility located at Ivedik OSB / Ankara, TR;
  • Glass Processing Plant
  • Aluminum Machining Plant
  • Iron Machining Plant
In 24-hour accessible 350 sqm warehouse located at Cankaya / Ankara, TR;
  • Construction chemistry and consumables stock
  • Construction tools and application equipments
  • Construction control equipments and test devices

Technical Infrastructure

In Besa Tower central office located in the Cukurambar district of Ankara,
  • IT room equipped with modern technology and updated periodically
  • Renderfarm with Dell R720 servers
  • Connection to our facilities with symmetric internet infrastructure for project management and coordination
  • Industrial computers equipped with state-of-the-art technology to improve interior design methods and enhance presentation opportunities using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies
  • Modern technology products required to advance customer experience to upper level
In production facilities located in Siteler and Ivedik OSB;
  • Automatic cutting, sizing, edge and surface processing, temper lines
  • Automation supported production and stock follow-up infrastructure

The preferred choice

From the outset, we always strive to form a close and collaborative relationship, based on trust, quality assurance and excellence, with each and every client and project we’re engaged with. Over the years this has lead to many exciting projects and outcomes, some of which are published on our website, many of which, in respect of our clients wishes, are not.

We’re proud to be the preferred choice for many of the worlds leading brands:

Download our full references/clients list (PDF)