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What Is Incomplete House | Ankara Interior Design

What Is Incomplete House

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Natamam: Missing, not finished, waiting for finish (tdk)

Natamam villa means the house whose construction is not finished yet and is not suitable for habitation and is expected to be completed by making material selections. To summarize, this villa type is still under construction. Therefore, it will be more comfortable to work on it. Interior designers work with pleasure during the incomplete villa design stages. The interior architect expresses what innovations and advantages should be with the work he conducts in coordination with the landlord. After all these stages, the interior designer creates a new project and includes these requests. With this progress, incomplete villas are finalized and given to their owners on turnkey basis. By contacting Ankara Interior Architecture, you can convey any questions and opinions you want to our interior designers about the dozens of incomplete villas we have completed so far.

Natamam (Incomplete) House Decoration

Natamam (Incomplete) house is ideal for interior designers in terms of decoration as it is under construction. If you own a villa and want to change its interior design, in other words to recreate it, meeting with an interior designer would be the smartest option. The biggest reason for this is that the villa in the middle is still sketchy and open to change. Homeowners always ask the question of what decorative innovations can be added to a house, right after the question of what is incomplete. You can get the answer from our Ankara Interior Architecture team, which includes our professional interior designers.

Natamam Villa (Unfinished or incomplete) Advantages and Disadvantages

Natamam villas have both pros and cons. Homeowners often see their downside, which is that the house is not yet ready to sit and is under construction. In addition, incomplete villas are an enormous environment in the eyes of interior designers. There are lots of places to explore and with every new discovery a new plus can be added to the villa. For this reason, incomplete villas have more than negative aspects. If you are a homeowner who hesitates to incomplete villas, you should definitely contact one of the Ankara Interior Architecture professionals. Believe me, everything will be fine ...

Things to Consider in Natamam House Design

When the interior designers get the opportunity to take part in the inexhaustible villa project, they always proceed carefully. The biggest reason for this is that an incomplete villa has too many advantages to believe. When Natamam villa / Natamam House is discussed, first of all, a long exploration is made with the host. During this exploration, the interior designer will notice many advantageous spaces that the homeowner cannot see and transfer them to the landlord within a project drawing. When this situation is taken into consideration, it will not be possible to work for the house without an interior designer. Natamam villa design should be discussed in detail in every sense. Partially non-bearing walls can be removed to make the environment brighter and more spacious. Definitely, the villa can be brought to the desired consistency by making extra luxury expenses such as parquet heating and controlled curtain system. First of all, the owner should not be afraid or hesitant to make changes.

What kind of innovations can be added to Natamam Villas?

Natamam villas are open to many innovations. As it can be understood from the name given to the villas that are still under construction, there is no limit to the innovations that can be made in a construction. Extra rooms are added, the plan is changed, or even the location of the bathroom and living room can be changed. Besides, extra luxury pleasures can be added. It might sound absurd, but there are even customers who put a pool in the middle of their salon. So if you are an inept villa owner, you should definitely not be afraid to dream. As Ankara Interior Architecture, we will be with you for the best results.

Interior Designer Recommendations for Natamam Villa

The advice of an interior designer should be heeded for the non-stop villa. While homeowners will see flat construction when they look at their villas still under construction, interior designers will see enormous opportunities and new design ideas. For this reason, working with an interior designer will definitely increase the value and quality of your villa, many times over. If you want to get interior architect advice for Natamam villa, our professional interior architects within Ankara Interior Architecture will take care of you with pleasure and help you with anything you want for your villa. Contact us to take your Natamam villa dreams one step further and let every design idea come true.

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