How A Luxury Home Should Be | Ankara Interior Design
How A Luxury Home Should Be | Ankara Interior Design

How A Luxury Home Should Be

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The word luxury means a little different to each of us. It can be expensive, unique or synonymous with extremely high quality. In reality, the concept of luxury encompasses many different elements, but it should definitely include high-quality products and extreme customization based on functional operation and unique comfort.

What really distinguishes luxury home interiors from standard home designs as well as money are the details. Luxurious home interior design is a feast for the eyes, with visually stimulating layers of color, texture and form. Although the aesthetic appeal of luxury furniture and decor is of paramount importance, function still reigns supreme. High quality materials and expert craftsmanship ensure luxury furniture will perform as well as they seem. Luxury is also individually defined by the individual needs and desires of each person.


Among the best options for flooring materials, hardwood floors fit beautifully into any decor style. Luxury homes often have decorative patterned wood floors, known as parquet floors, or parquet floors used in combination with marble. Additional luxury embellishments added to luxury hardwood flooring include stone trim.


In luxury homes, walls often feature some kind of luxury panel or decorative slats that add texture, dimension, and interest to the room. Stone veneer panels, marble panels made from fine pieces of real stone can be used to add beautiful color and natural texture to walls. Leather or fabric wall panels, cherry or mahogany wood panels, crown molding and custom carved wood panels add a rich and sophisticated look.


Decorative ceiling tiles add color, form and texture to ceilings in high-rise luxury homes. Ceiling tiles can be installed with glue and nails, or in a grid working system located just below the ceiling. Materials used to make ceiling tiles include Styrofoam, plastic, tin, copper, steel, aluminum or slate, and tiles can be designed to look like plaster, metal, wood, or leather. Other architectural elements commonly seen and desired in luxury homes include exposed wooden beams and ornate ceilings. Ceiling medallions are made with beautiful decorations on chandeliers or large pendant lamps. Decorative moldings, ceiling tiles, bay lighting, and layered paint colors emphasize stylistic recessed spaces, tray ceilings, embedded in ceilings, especially in luxury homes.


In luxury homes, each room has different lighting options. Architectural features, such as vaulted ceilings, often seen in luxury interiors, require special lighting considerations. Recessed lights used for general lighting can be adjusted to focus on specific areas for task and accent lighting. Individual track lights can also be used in this way. Trendy designs have made track lighting a much more desirable option. Large chandeliers or oversized pendant lamps make a striking focal point in great rooms, dining rooms, living rooms and even bedrooms. Decorative table lamps, floor lamps and sconces keep dark areas away while providing a decorative element. Accent lighting used to highlight architectural details and decor can include dark lighting, sconces, and spotlights focusing on walls, indoor plants, sculptures, and artwork.


No expense is spared when it comes to luxury home accessories. Fine art in the form of original oil paintings by contemporary contemporary artists or historical masters adorn the walls of luxury homes. Sculptures and glass art can be elegant touches. High quality Persian and Oriental rugs add elegant details to floors. Special window treatments can include floor-to-ceiling curtains, wooden blinds or plantation shutters, wood or fabric-covered cornices or fanciful swags and jabots. Large vases with elaborate flower arrangements and oversized planters featuring indoor trees, palm trees or ferns add a personal touch. Antiques, exotic artifacts, and treasures from world travel create unique display items that reflect one's passions and interests.


With upholstery made from luxurious materials such as leather, velvet and silk, you can use luxurious oversized furniture to fill large spaces. Highly polished, exotic tropical woods such as mahogany, mango and ebony provide rich, luxurious finishes. Mother-of-pearl veneers and hand carvings allow you to have exclusive, handmade details, well-made and durable furniture. Styles range from antique reproductions to contemporary and stylish, ultra-modern designs, depending on the style of the house.

What distinguishes the interior of a luxury home from a normal home is, above all, the attention to detail. Interior designers are well aware of this and therefore realize how important it is to be familiar with the latest trends and styles in furniture and decorative accessories. Ankara Interior Architecture is always with you so that you can find the luxury hidden in the details.

Luxurious interiors distinguish themselves not only in the quality of the furniture but also in the details. The right colors and shades, textures, ornaments and paintings, and the arrangement of the furniture in the space can make all the difference. However, although the aesthetic nature of decor and luxury takes incredibly important aspects, the functionality of the furniture in general plays an important role. Luxury but also livable.

A well-structured design that takes into account the living spaces and the layout of the rooms will help you choose the right furniture and decor to make a home luxurious. The quality and craftsmanship of the products remain the basic starting point for later choosing the style according to individual tastes and expectations. Entrust your luxury home project to Ankara Interior Architecture professionals.

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