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What Is Incomplete Home | Ankara Interior Design

What Is Incomplete Home

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Natamam literally means incomplete or not finished in Turkish Language. Natamam (incomplete) house is called the buildings whose construction has been started but not completed. This term is used in the construction industry for buildings that are not yet suitable for habitation. There is an incomplete purchase and sale of these buildings. These structures, whose construction could not be completed for various reasons, can be transformed into extremely modern and tasteful houses with the right plans and projects. Since these structures are not yet completed, the work areas of interior architects are more. With Ankara Interior Architecture, these houses, which allow productivity and creativity to dominate more areas, can be more personalized and tailored to your taste.

Buying a fully built, ready-to-move home, or buying an incomplete home in need of major finishing or renovation? In your search for a house to buy, you may have found a suitable enough house. However, upon closer inspection, you can see that some key issues are missing. You may find many shortcomings, such as an extra room for a swimming pool or gym, or a shortage of rooms in the house.

Advantages of Buying a Natamam Home

Natamam House Design

Buildings bought as natamam can also be turned into very luxurious houses. Interior design and decoration are extremely important in these homes and you can start using it as a perfect living space with the right choices. Since the external processes of the Natamam houses have not yet come to a conclusion, you can make their interior and exterior designs harmoniously as a home owner. The importance of working with the right team actually comes into play here. Interior and exterior design are very complicated situations in non-structural structures. Too many details and elements need to be calculated and correct decisions made. If you want to avoid such complicated situations and to have a beautiful home at the end of the project, it is enough to contact Ankara Interior Architecture. You can reach the most accurate designs with expert staff and professional projects.

Importance of Natamam Houses

Natamam houses are almost the least known structures of value. These houses, where the wishes of the homeowners can be implemented much more easily, are always open to extra demands. Finished homes always attract more home owners. It is easier for us to anticipate the result, or the completion process of the construction can be overwhelming for people. However, these structures are the most valuable and advantageous. Desired designs are not always appropriate in completed buildings. For this reason, the owner sometimes has to make sacrifices. For example, changing rooms or adding a new open space to your home is always more difficult in ready-made homes. However, in incomplete structures, these are much simpler and faster. Your imagination, right decision and expertise are enough for what you want to do in such houses. After a process in which you will be extremely satisfied with the result, you can get the home of your dreams. You can rely on Ankara Interior Architecture to the fullest on this path to your dreams.

Completed and Natamam Home

Decoration options are always more limited in finished houses than in incomplete houses. Decoration applications are flooring, curtain, carpet and accessories etc. It is limited to options such as. You can detail your home in a much more elegant way with designs that you want very much but you cannot find the opportunity and suitable space or can be made with many different materials that your interior designer can provide.

With Natamam House, You Can Have Various Designs

Your home should be bright in any situation whether it is luxurious or not. Houses have large areas due to their characteristics, and in this case, a spacious interior is very important. Both the location and size of the windows during the construction phase and the correct lighting techniques during the decoration phase should be decided well.

In the houses you also have the chance to have a lot more room and you can increase this chance even more with the incomplete house. You can increase the number of rooms or reduce the size of the rooms even more. It all depends on your intended use and taste.

Natamam House Making a Luxury House

Houses are classified as luxury because of their formations. If you want to have a luxury house, intact houses are the perfect fit for this. It finds a very suitable infrastructure that you can build and design from scratch and make your dreams come true. These structures, which are efficient as production and working areas for interior architects, can become neat houses with the perfect cooperation of the home owner and the architect. For example, the fireplace built directly into a concrete wall is not only a design wonder, but also creates a beautiful, warm and attractive landscape. Native houses are built to reflect the owner's personal interests, feeding on enormous possibilities and unimpeded imagination.

The best place for wealth and luxury is homes. There are so many areas that they don't feel overwhelming. The key to getting the glamor right is not to overdo it, but to have elements that fit well together. Well-lit suspended ceilings, dull gold-plated paneled foyers, wooden floors and walls, ornate chandeliers are well-fitting design elements that are neither heavy nor too light. The perfect combination of all these elements is based on an individual approach to each customer. Ankara Interior Architecture offers catalogs of perfectly completed interior works for you to choose from and then informs you about all the basic information about the design you have chosen and all the possible conditions of the project. It focuses primarily on meeting all needs and requests and attaches importance to customer satisfaction at every stage from the development of interior design to its successful implementation.

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