Home Remodeling And Renovation Stages | Ankara Interior Design
Home Remodeling And Renovation Stages | Ankara Interior Design

Home Remodeling And Renovation Stages

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The idea of ​​a home remodeling can be painful and overwhelming at first. Regardless of the project, your renovation will include so many details that it can easily become daunting. Every renovation project is unique, but there is a specific workflow that makes sense to ensure things are completed as efficiently as possible. If you are considering major structural work or expanding your home, consult appropriate professionals first as there may be some unfamiliar consequences. The next step when planning a home remodel is to determine your budget. Your budget should include permits and the costs of building materials, labor costs, and decoration or cosmetic touches.

  1. Demolition and Structural Repair
  2. Airtight Exterior Surfaces
  3. First Fix
  4. Plastering
  5. Revisal
  6. Finishes and decoration
  7. Possible Problems and Delays

To get started, you need to make sure the building is structurally sound. This initial phase of work ranges from removing old extensions to be replaced to repairing roof beams, fixing walls and correcting bad damp problems.

When planning a home remodel, it's important to make sure you prioritize any structural project first. If your roof, foundation, or electrical system needs improvement, they must be completed before you spend money on general cosmetic changes.

Airtight Exterior Surfaces

This includes all updates to roofing, exterior walls, doors and windows. It is necessary to have a beautiful and dry house to start interior renovation and renovation. All updates such as new coating or plaster on the facade must be completed at this stage. Depending on the nature of your project, you can do it with some of these first corrections.

First Fix

This is when everything that happens behind the scenes is set up to keep your home running smoothly. This is where carpentry work such as new walls, the installation of pipes, cables, insulation and the boiler takes place.


After all the work inside the walls and floors is completed, you can make your home ready for decoration. In order for the finishing in other regions to be smooth and smooth, it is necessary to start work from the ceiling.


At this point, the interior spaces in your home will begin to take shape as you will adapt to the elements you will interact with day by day. This includes kitchens, lighting fixtures, and plumbing. The boiler and heating system will also be operated and approved. You can make floor tiles and wood flooring, especially if you want the surface to go under the kitchen cabinets. However, the floors need to be protected while other work continues.

Finishes and decoration

Anything that could be damaged in the previous stages should be left for last. This includes painting, wallpapering, baseboards, and new carpets. Stairs tend to be placed at this later stage as well to ensure they are not damaged when completing potentially more complex jobs.

Possible Problems and Delays

As your home renovation and renovation progresses, you may see some problems. However, this should never decrease your motivation. Factors like bad weather are something that is difficult to take into account in advance. Maybe that means you can't complete the basics of your extension, for example, because it has been raining for weeks. This is annoying because it will have a knock-on effect for your entire future program. But it's also nobody's fault; It is necessary to stay calm and move forward at all times. The problems you will encounter in January are probably much more likely than in June. You may want to work with an Interior Architect who can give you 1: 1 support for every point of your renovation journey.

Timing for Home Renovation and Renovation

Timing of renovation and renovation in your home must be done correctly. You need to make sure that the manufacturer can supply the desired products exactly when you need them. Lead times are important for every product. Some take longer to deliver than others or delay due to out of stock. It is important to keep in mind that bespoke products always take longer to produce than standard sized, off-the-shelf products.

It is therefore necessary to thoroughly determine the supplier's processing time from purchase to delivery. Some components may need to be ordered months before they can be used.

Every successful home renovation is the result of expert planning.

Interior Architects in Home Renovation and Renovation

Home renovation and renovation phases can take a long time. For on-site renovations that involve significant construction in multiple stages, it will be useful to work with expert interior designers. Beyond normal requirements for the administration of the business, the interior designer can serve you professionally. With any renovation, you are sure to have some surprises along the way. Finding someone to take care of quickly when crises occur can greatly facilitate the resolution of such alarming items and provide a measure of comfort that your project is well managed. Taking the time to be aware of the problems and risks ahead of time and creating a competent team of professionals who will keep the business in mind, design and run the business with them will maximize your chances for a successful outcome. You can find these professional and expert teams in Ankara Interior Architecture. They will always be with you during the renovation and renovation phases of your home.

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