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Yda Center Nrc Office interior design | Ankara Interior Design

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Yda Center Nrc Office

The office design within YDA CENTER stands out with its monochromatic colors, open ceiling, dynamic and kinetic parametric design elements, as well as fluid oval contours.

Yda Center, Çankaya, Ankara


152 sqm | 2022

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The harmony of black and white office design with monochromatic colors brings together a minimalist aesthetic and elegance, adding a sophisticated atmosphere to the space. Parametrically designed furniture contributes to the interior by blending cutting-edge innovation with functional artistry, redefining the ambiance of the space.
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At the forefront of office design, the entrances hold paramount importance. The fundamental way to make an impression on incoming guests lies in the prestige and sense of esteem conveyed upon entry. Therefore, we emphasize to the companies choosing us that designing office entrances with emphasis is an absolute necessity.
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Starting from the year 2021, we have begun to infuse a distinct and impactful touch as Ankara Interior Architecture by enhancing the use of parametric interior elements in office spaces. This allows us to effectively emphasize the emotions we aim to convey to our visitors in the completed offices.
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We aimed to imbue the fluid impact of oval and angular lines in office designs, resonating strongly with the spirit of productivity. Employing these lines in both ceiling design and spatial dividers, we maximized the effect.
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We reflected oval and curved design elements onto the separators in the furniture. Due to the monochromatic background concept embraced throughout the office, we emphasized the monochromatic coherence of khaki and wood as both storage and design elements within the workspaces.
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In the offices we design, we consistently offer the office users the opportunity for personalization. Frequently, we establish accessory zones by crafting niches in wooden elements that facilitate a heightened sense of personal connection. This approach enables users to rekindle memories by placing mementos, perhaps acquired during travels, into these dedicated niches, thereby nurturing their affinity for the workspace.
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When dealing with this empty and structureless office space upon delivery, during the design phase, we prepared a spatial list (needs list) to determine the requirements. Among these requirements, we needed to create a Crisis Center, to be used occasionally by office users. This space, functioning as a meeting room, was designed to support seamless audio-visual transmission, accommodate multiple connections, and enable remote meetings. Considering its infrequent use, we aimed for it to be integrated with a corridor. Hence, we partitioned it using separators.
interior design 5732 Yda Center Nrc Office Offices
We insist on corridors being broad, spacious, and sufficiently illuminated with natural light. Furthermore, we align our chosen flooring materials according to the corridor\'s width, ensuring a seamless flow. It\'s crucial to bear in mind that the selected color and matte finishes contribute to shaping the overall texture of the office.
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At times, simplicity can be the greatest form of luxury. The meticulous fusion of the right materials, thoughtful color choices, and the proper positioning of work desks in terms of lighting and acoustics are all integral components of design.
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The ceiling-wall junctions and the alignment of wooden elements, as well as their angles, carry tremendous significance not only during the design phase but also throughout the delivery process. Correct design should not remain confined to paper; during implementation, construction workmanship must also uphold high-quality standards without exception.
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The characteristic feature of offices at YDA CENTER, which involves receiving natural light from narrow facades, became a primary consideration in our design process as we aimed to efficiently channel natural light into the interior spaces. Consequently, we opted for controlled blinds and glass partitions in the executive office.
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In this office delivery dominated by monochromatic colors, we chose pastel tones for the executive office. We extended the use of oval forms, which is prevalent throughout the office, to the ceiling and furniture in the executive office as well.
interior design 5740 Yda Center Nrc Office Offices
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In addition to matte flooring materials, we opted for occasional glossy wall surfaces to enhance the sense of depth in the design. Just as evident in the ceiling\'s light slots, the prominent oval corners that characterize the overall office design also continue in the ceiling design, creating a harmonious visual flow.
interior design 5742 Yda Center Nrc Office Offices
We share with you the entire process spanning from space planning to material selection, from the design phase to the implementation stage, and from lighting to accessory choices. If you aim to add value to both your property and workspaces, as well as highlight the messages you wish to convey to your visitors, you can get in touch with Ankara\'s interior design brand, Ankara Interior Design.
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