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Koluman A.Ş; It has a vision that takes its inspiration from nature, crowns this inspirations with the science and technology, and adds confidence to life through innovation. The brand new beginning of such a copany with its full-floor Office in Hacettepe Teknokent; we designed it by combining Ankara Interior Architecture’s creative solutions and recommendations with its own perspective and demands. Here is the flow distribution of this enjoyable process…

Hacettepe Teknokent, Ankara


550 sqm | 2023

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Stepping off the elevator and entering directly into the office offers quick access and a warm welcome. However, it may cause difficulties in interior design such as privacy concerns and lack of suitable waiting areas. As Ankara Interior Architecture, we gave importance to balancing sincerity and aesthetics to design an inviting and impressive reception area requested from us.Combining wooden hexagonal panels and moss wall with plain reinforced concrete; a harmonious blend of modern design and organic elements was aimed. These architectural elements; we created a unique first impression by crowning the enterance counter with a striking geometry consisting of the harmony of wood and marble.
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With the use of baffle ceilings, which provide improved acoustic control by absorbing and dispersing sound waves, we added a functional and modern aesthetic element to the space and preserved this language in all common areas of the corridor; its architectural design, consisting of angled wood panels and filtered LED lights, offers a fascinating journey to the meeting room. While natural wood instills warmth and beauty; the dynamic structure of the panels increases visual interest and directs it.
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As Ankara Interior Design, we offer you the opportunity to experience this event area, where innovative design meets the charm of nature, with a unique elegance. With strikingly angled walls and a stunning interior garden, we have designed a usable space for a corporate event or special occasion celebration. We aimed to torn the event into a magical event by adding peace and charm.
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Open ceilings in office architecture offer a feeling of spaciousness and a modern aesthetic, while also providing flexibility in lighting and technology integration. They are also supportive in creating a more interesting and functional space by improving collaboration and adaptability. All we have to do is enjoy the delightful dance created by all these elements coming together.
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The use of dark and light colors in a strategic balance in narrow and long corridors provides an element of architectural nobility, transforming these areas into elegant passages that exude sophistication and depth. While the deep tones on the walls and carefully selected lighting create a dramatic ambiance and emphasize the length of the corridor, we aimed to offer an experience that makes passers-by feel the magnificence of having entered an important space.
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There are architectural improvements that can significantly increase productivity in an open office environment. First, thoughtful space planning and low acoustic partition panels are factors that offer workers a sense of privacy and reduce distractions.
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Functional use of natural light not only enhances the overall atmosphere; it also positively affects productivity by improving focus and moods.
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As Ankara Interior Design Company, when we add ergonomic furniture to all these; we increased comfort and efficiency by allowing employees to personalize their workstations.
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The triangular meeting room, which we strengthened with the presence of an interior garden, reinforced our desire to create a synergistic effect that redefines the architecturaş landscape and raises expectations. Sharp angles and unconventional geometry; while leaving a remarkable and lasting impression, we added elements of peace and naturalness to the space by balancing the dynamism of the room with a calm oasis thanks to the inner garden.
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The triangular meeting room instantly attracts attention with its dynamic shape and challenges traditional layouts. By using this effect, we not only encouraged out-of-the-box thinking among participants; at the same time, we increased the overall aesthetic appeal and resulted in the release of an energy that moved away from monotony.
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We designed every detail in the laboratory section by prioritizing simplicity and functionality to increase efficiency. This minimalist approach not only facilitates laboratory aesthetics, but olso emphasizes the space’s commitment to precision and practicality, creating an environment in which scientific innovations can florish effortlessly. In order to gently break this simplicity, we integrated CNC cut panels into the furniture with great finesse.
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We aimed to achieve a sophisticated atmosphere in the executive süite by bringing together noble and warm design elements that evoke a sense of timeless elegance. As Ankara Interior Architecture; the choice of materials and furniture exudes an elegant character with tasteful accents that contribute to this ambiance, such as wooden finishes and comfortable upholstery.
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The mini meeting area in the executive room will provide a comfortable and friendly environment fort he exchange of ideas, encouraging improvisational creativity and teamwork.
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We emphasized the presence of the world map with the aim of promoting a culture of international cooperation, serving as both a decorative focal point and a symbolic representation of the global perspective adopted in the workspace.
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As Ankara Interior Design firm, we designed the large meeting room with open ceilings that blend form and function to reveal magnificence with our planning that excudes a sophisticated atmosphere. This space is masterful combination of stylish, contemprorary, aesthetic design elements that blend effertlessly with the overall feel of the office.
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Having a private soundproofed area in an open office where you can talk on the phone without fear of being listened to by other employees or managers sgnificantly increases productivity and comfort with a game-changing effect. Likewise, the choice of placing a mini kitchen in an open office environment alows employees to; it was designed by us to encourage a culture of uninterrupted workflow by minimizing the loss of time that may ocur in meeting basic beverage needs such as tea, coffee and water.
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In this meticulously prepared kitchen design, you can find comprehensive solutions that address all kitchen needs. At the same time, by skillfully hiding a table in the cabinet, we allow to avoid the experience of hasty and unhealthy eating.
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Our design decisions for public toilets prioritize functionality achieved through durable material selection, efficient use of space aesthetic concerns. If you want to increase the value of your office designs, Ankara Interior Archiecture is ready to offer you special solutions. We look forward to the opportunity to help..
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