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Hekimkoy House  home inspiration | Ankara Interior Design

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Hekimkoy House

A house project that we completed in Hekimköy / Ümitköy, Ankara.

Hekimköy, Ümitköy, Ankara


450 sqm | 2021

 home inspiration 4245 Hekimkoy House Residential
Instead of using a door at the entrance to the hall, we left an opening. We actually divided this area into three with jambs and covered the inside with wooden material. While creating a pleasant relaxation area while taking advantage of plenty of natural light coming from the window, we divided the middle area into a sitting area and the left side into a dining area. In addition to these walls, we have also designed the parquet and ceramic flooring on the floor to help define the areas. In this area the integrity of wood and marble was ensured. The back of the TV unit was covered with marble, and niches were made on both sides where both books and accessories could be displayed, and we used led lights to make it more noticeable. Lighting support was also made with LED light bands around the slats on the ceiling.
 home inspiration 4243 Hekimkoy House Residential
 home inspiration 4244 Hekimkoy House Residential
 home inspiration 4246 Hekimkoy House Residential
We have customized the dining area. When making a design with polyurethane slats on the right and left side on the back wall, we made a marble coating right in the middle and referred to the tv unit. We preferred to exhibit a special painting in this area. At the same time, we have made these areas more elegant by including gold details in places such as the frame of the table and chair legs. While we used linear lighting above the dining table, we also supported it with LEDs on the ceiling. On the right side, we have created a library where the items can be stored. On the floor, we used our choice in favor of the marquetry parquet.
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 home inspiration 4249 Hekimkoy House Residential
When designing the kitchen, we started from the rustic style and reflected this by modernizing it more. We tried to give a clean, spacious feeling with all the cabinets being white and using marble on the floor. By choosing white appliances in black (the refirgeratır, oven etc.), we created a color balance. In particular, we tried to drag the kitchen to a completely different dimension by highlighting the column details next to the drawers. While placing the refrigerator on the right wall, we placed the oven and microwave in a row next to it.
 home inspiration 4251 Hekimkoy House Residential
 home inspiration 4252 Hekimkoy House Residential
The kitchen and living area were delimited by the floor using different materials. We provided this material difference by using wooden parquet in the living area and ceramic in the kitchen. An island was built right in the middle of the kitchen. And in this area, we created a more modern atmosphere with the use of pendant circular lighting, chair selections, white goods. At the same time, we wanted the door and the living area to be integrated with the kitchen and we have continued the batten details in these areas. Again, the columns on the sides of the drawer can be comfortably felt on the island and in the entrance area…
 home inspiration 4253 Hekimkoy House Residential
The dining area that we enter from the kitchen fills the person with peace even at first glance with its minimalist furniture and color choices. The slat details in the kitchen continue in this area and have a nice appearance with the long thin sconce in the middle. In addition, we have ensured that the entire area in front of the counter is connected to the kitchen with the window opening to this area.
 home inspiration 4254 Hekimkoy House Residential
When we moved to the right side of the dining area, it was designed as a corner coffee area with full-length windows and plenty of light entering inside. Together with comfortable armchairs, a very pleasant area has been created. The area next to the door is reserved for a niche, but it was designed to be felt from both areas.
 home inspiration 4256 Hekimkoy House Residential
We provided access from the hallway to the living room with 2 steps, while the door with chamfered edges and circular details made of metal gave a different atmosphere to this area. In addition, an elevator was built and was covered with wood. The marbles used on the floor and walls in the hall were continued in this area and a very stylish image was obtained.
 home inspiration 4257 Hekimkoy House Residential
All interior doors and walls were selected white, resulting in a clean image. Again, horizontal gold details were also included in this area. While marble was used on the floor, black frames were passed based on the projection of the ceiling. Rectangular shaped lightings were selected in order to ensure the integrity of the suspended ceiling made on the ceiling.
 home inspiration 4258 Hekimkoy House Residential
 home inspiration 4268 Hekimkoy House Residential
While the middle area of the space is reserved for the bed, a bench is placed at the end of the bed and the back part is designed as a dressing cabinet. By choosing black glass in the material of the dressing cabinet, it has been made brighter and more eye-catching and the interior of the cabinet has been prevented from being seen. A space was created where the lovely trinkets above the head of the bed could also be displayed and hung on the ceiling with metals. Again, a stylish environment was created by placing these metals in the closet and bedside tables. Herringbone parquet was preferred on the floor, while a gray carpet was used at the end of the bed.
 home inspiration 4269 Hekimkoy House Residential
 home inspiration 4270 Hekimkoy House Residential
A warm environment was obtained by installing a fireplace opposite the bed. A TV was placed just above the fireplace, making this area even more eye-catching with LEDs and vertical metal profiles. Pendant lighting was used on the ceiling along with the gold movement made to the place where the roof is sloping, and a warm, friendly and pleasant seating area was created in this corner.
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In the master bathroom, a ceramic formed in triangles was selected to create a focal surface, and while choosing to use a circular mirror on this surface, it was also made more noticeable with LEDs. Integrity was achieved by selecting ceramics with the same pattern on the other walls and floor. We preferred to make the door from frosted glass. We added a modern air by making a single drawer and towel space under the sinks.
 home inspiration 4278 Hekimkoy House Residential
Along with the fact that the bathroom has a large window, a spacious area has been created. We supported this area with plants by positioning the bathtub in the corner.
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 home inspiration 4283 Hekimkoy House Residential
 home inspiration 4284 Hekimkoy House Residential
Areas, where you can have a pleasant time in the children\'s room and play games have been created. The climbing area we see in this image is one of them. In front of it, comfortable chairs and a table consisting of different colors were designed taking into account the dimensions of the child and a seating area was created. A fun environment was created by using softer colors in this area and made it suitable for the children\'s room.
 home inspiration 4285 Hekimkoy House Residential
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The design of the bed was made in the form of a house in order to match the spirit of this room. The soft details used on the table and chairs were again given in this area. A bookshelf design was made at the bottom and it was aimed that the child would have fun reading books here. On the left side, a seat was set up for both the children and the parent to sit.
 home inspiration 4280 Hekimkoy House Residential
As we have seen in other bathrooms, an effective black and white ceramic has been selected for the surface behind the sink. While the marble appearance inside this ceramic provides continuity by using it on other walls, we preferred to use the same ceramic on the back of the toilet bowl. Again, while using a mirror with a soft line, we preferred a dish sink in the same way.
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 home inspiration 4282 Hekimkoy House Residential
 home inspiration 4289 Hekimkoy House Residential
A rectangular niche with chamfered edges was made at the head of the bed, which was also made more noticeable with LED lighting. The right side of the niche was designed to be used for displaying items and for bookshelves. In the niche, gray wallpaper was used. We used carpets to define the bed space and create a warmer environment.
 home inspiration 4290 Hekimkoy House Residential
We set up the dressing cabinets on both sides of the door. We designed a cabinet with white frames passing over the edges of the glass doors. Again, a more dim environment was created by including led lighting in the cabinet. Lighting was chosen to match the atmosphere of the space so that it would coincide with the bed.
 home inspiration 4291 Hekimkoy House Residential
While black and white colors dominate in this bathroom, we caught the elegance with gold details. We chose the wall with hexagonal ceramics as the focal surface and positioned the sink here. In the drawers and cabinets, we took advantage of the linearity. We also made the final touch with the gold sconce
 home inspiration 4292 Hekimkoy House Residential
We preferred to use the door located on the lower floor here again. While rectangular frames were placed on the floor in places, we covered the top of the steps with black marble again. On the ceiling, we built a suspended ceiling and passed LED light bands both through and around the edges to reach the required level of illumination.
 home inspiration 4293 Hekimkoy House Residential
We evaluated the area formed in the right corner as seating. We harmonized this space by choosing curtains and armchairs in gray tones. While designing the stair railing in a simple way, we used a pendant lighting in the stairwell
 home inspiration 4294 Hekimkoy House Residential
 home inspiration 4295 Hekimkoy House Residential
 home inspiration 4296 Hekimkoy House Residential
While the marble appearance continues in the sauna area, wooden material is used in some places, including the walls, floor and ceiling. While the back of the sink was constructed in the form of an arch, a seating area was created here. Again, gold frames were passed on the glass edges.
 home inspiration 4297 Hekimkoy House Residential
Arch detail is also shown in the jacuzzi area. We enter the space with three steps and enjoy the moment while watching the TV.
 home inspiration 4300 Hekimkoy House Residential
 home inspiration 4301 Hekimkoy House Residential
As for the other living area, most of the middle part is reserved for sitting. In addition to comfortable armchairs, this area is bounded by a soft-lined coffee table and a black carpet, with black marble on the floor. In this area where the suspended ceiling is used, it is covered with a mirror in order to show the ceiling height more, while at the same time capturing a different atmosphere.
 home inspiration 4302 Hekimkoy House Residential
A very large and stylish kitchen... The design, which was made using a baffle suspended ceiling on the ceiling, was continued in the kitchen cabinets and integrity was ensured. While a lighting consisting of circular lines was used on the island, we supported it with ray spot lighting from the sides of the suspended ceiling. We preferred to use the marble used in the living room on the surface behind the counter.
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 home inspiration 4305 Hekimkoy House Residential
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Both the edges of the suspended ceiling are crossed with ray spot lighting and the environment looks bright enough with the chandelier in the middle. We applied a mirrored surface directly opposite the seats and set up the TV in this area. The area we see directly opposite is a very stylish unit designed for both storage and display.
 home inspiration 4310 Hekimkoy House Residential
 home inspiration 4311 Hekimkoy House Residential
 home inspiration 4312 Hekimkoy House Residential
The island, which was built in the middle area, was worked with different heights and materials, including the working area and the dining area. While the cabinets on the left wall are black and the other cabinets are white, the color balance is achieved by choosing white, the use of wood in some places has added a warm atmosphere.
 home inspiration 4313 Hekimkoy House Residential
 home inspiration 4314 Hekimkoy House Residential
 home inspiration 4315 Hekimkoy House Residential
A visual where we can clearly see how the same bathroom design stands in different colors. The signature details we saw in other bathrooms continued in the same way here, ensuring language integrity.
 home inspiration 4267 Hekimkoy House Residential
A circular and linear surface was created on the surface behind the bed. Soft lines attract our attention both on the bedside tables and on the console located under the TV. While we preferred pendant circular lighting from the bedside tables on both sides of the bed, we used a nice chandelier on the bed.
 home inspiration 4266 Hekimkoy House Residential
 home inspiration 4264 Hekimkoy House Residential
While covering the walls and floors with ceramics in the same way, we tried to reflect the system applied at the bedside behind the sink. In the shower area we have created a niche for placing shampoos. We have included gold details in the frame of the shower cabin, fixtures and mirrors.
 home inspiration 4263 Hekimkoy House Residential
 home inspiration 4261 Hekimkoy House Residential
We preferred to use the front of the window as a working area in terms of receiving light. We have aligned a long table on the wall where 2 people can work comfortably. We gained maximum storage space by making the entire other wall as a bookcase, both open shelves and closed cabinets at the bottom. We have created a book reading corner in front of the window again. While using herringbone flooring on the floor, we used our preference for tracks as lighting. We created a warm environment with the white and pink tones we used.
 home inspiration 4262 Hekimkoy House Residential
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