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Golbasi House  house project | Ankara Interior Design

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Golbasi House

Our main goal was to provide a general design integrity in this Gölbaşı villa project, on the basis of which we attach importance to landscape and interior architecture. While doing this, we managed to create a modern atmosphere with the help of textures and details, as well as material and color harmonies. In this project, we have come up with a functional, modern and stylish design by thinking down to all the details

Güzelyalı, Gölbaşı, Ankara


400 sqm | 2021

 house project 4782 Golbasi House Residential
 house project 4783 Golbasi House Residential
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While providing integrity in the design, we also created a rhythm at the same time, so that we captured an image that appeals more to the eye. We softened the image with the use of glossy white/beige to break the strong texture of the wood. We separated the kitchen island and the dining table by choosing different but compatible materials. Instead of a single island design, we preferred different heights with the dining table, thus providing more ergonomic and comfortable usage areas. While ensuring the material integrity in the kitchen, we also used some of the material on the floor on the ceiling, resulting in a more integrated design. We kept the space more spacious by preferring a light color. In this way, although we use different materials in the kitchen, we have achieved a spacious feel and design integrity.
 house project 4803 Golbasi House Residential
 house project 4804 Golbasi House Residential
The kitchen is one of the most used areas in a home, so we have prioritized spaciousness and functionality, which are one of the most important factors in this kitchen design. When designing this original kitchen, we attached great importance to the integrity of the wooden textures. We used this texture both behind the counter and on the dining table. The wooden slats we used on the television wall also accompanied this image.
 house project 4805 Golbasi House Residential
 house project 4806 Golbasi House Residential
The living room is the place where we host our guests and where the language of our house speaks most clearly. We have also strongly reflected the modern and stylish style of this project here. In order to capture this modern image, in addition to shiny materials such as marble and glass, we gave the concrete / stone appearance to the column and added the wood texture that we also use in the kitchen to this area, ensuring integrity with different materials / textures. We also used the concrete image we captured in the column on the staircase wall to continue the design language. We also supported this image with gray carpets and curtains.
 house project 4809 Golbasi House Residential
Lighting is one of the most important elements that reveal the identity of the space. The long chandelier we preferred in the middle of the living area both adapted to this modern and elegant look and destroyed the feeling of emptiness that the high ceiling could create, in a unique way. With the plants we use for decoration, we aimed to reflect the nature outside inside as well. We added a nice detail on the ceiling using the material we used in the kitchen, which contributed to the integrity of the design and we achieved a warm atmosphere in the living room.
 house project 4810 Golbasi House Residential
 house project 4815 Golbasi House Residential
The bedroom is actually not just for sleeping, it is a room in which we live, just like the other rooms of the house. In this bedroom, we continued the language we use throughout the house at the request of the customer and in doing so, we used the same wood texture and marble by catching a rhythm. While providing this, we balanced/broke the cold of the marble with the temperature of the wood and gave a depth to the space.
 house project 4814 Golbasi House Residential
To capture a more modern image, we preferred a chandelier in a circular form. Since this circular form contrasts with sharp corners, we also ensured a flow in the seats by choosing a more curvilinear form. The reason we preferred dark background curtains was to provide a better quality sleep to the user. While doing this, we took care not to drown out the environment and designed our lighting accordingly. The shelves that we specially designed by giving depth to the wall offered the customer the possibility to decorate the room according to him. In this way, we have achieved a stylish and peaceful bedroom design.
 house project 4816 Golbasi House Residential
 house project 4817 Golbasi House Residential
 house project 4819 Golbasi House Residential
We designed this bathroom very striking in terms of materials. We have achieved the balance resulting from the integration of the cold of marble and the warmth of wood in this bathroom. We combined the color in the vein of marble with wood and continued the wood on the wall, on the ceiling. Thus, ventilation and lighting were kept in an immaculate image, and only the perfect symmetry of this magnificent bathroom remained in the middle.
 house project 4822 Golbasi House Residential
 house project 4823 Golbasi House Residential
In this hall, which is one of the areas where we spend the most time and host our guests, we also aimed for an impressive, modern and stylish image. We have continued the design language again in this hall with plenty of light. This time we reflected the dark wood texture on the parquet. By using the same material we used on the wall, on the ceiling, we achieved a perfect fit without creating the feeling of narrowing the space.
 house project 4824 Golbasi House Residential
We preferred a chandelier with a modern style in a circular form. To support this preference, we used similar geometry on the center tables and avoided pointed corners. In addition, we have designed a small book/coffee corner to take advantage of the nature view of the house. The green seats we used in this area added a softer texture to the hall and harmonized very nicely with the wood. The bookshelf, which we designed according to the dimensions of the wall, allowed the customer to place the decorative products / books they wanted.
 house project 4820 Golbasi House Residential
While we used dark wood parquet in the hall to define the space, we preferred white marble in the hallway. In addition, we have strengthened this definition of space with a translucent panel and ensured that natural light also reaches the corridor. By combining the height of the first step of the staircase with this panel, we achieved a very pleasant continuity.
 house project 4821 Golbasi House Residential
While defining the corridor, we paid attention to the floor and ceiling details. We chose marble for the floor, which is a lighter color and a different texture, contrasting with the material of the hall. On the ceiling, we made an application that gives the feeling of showing direction. We have provided a uniformity between the places with the material and color choices and we have seperated the circulation area.
 house project 4827 Golbasi House Residential
 house project 4828 Golbasi House Residential
 house project 4826 Golbasi House Residential
In this kitchen, unlike the soft colors we use in the other kitchen, we preferred darker colors to harmonize. Since it is a space with plenty of light, we were bold in using dark colors and used black cabinets with dark wood. We also preferred marble on the dining table and reflected the integrity of the material here. We continued the modern image on the chandelier in this place.
 house project 4830 Golbasi House Residential
 house project 4847 Golbasi House Residential
In this spacious bedroom, we created a more peaceful atmosphere by choosing soft textures. We used light colors to get the maximum efficiency from daylight, which supported the luminous image. We aimed to strengthen the modern image of the bedroom by choosing a modern chandelier. You can also add the golden touches of this chandelier to the room as small details (golden stripes on the wall, bedside lamps, etc.) by adding a more complete image. Thus, we have signed a modern and stylish bedroom design that decorates everyone\'s dreams.
 house project 4832 Golbasi House Residential
Günümüzde gittikçe daha çok tercih edilmeye başlanan giyinme odalarına artık her evde yer verilmeye başlandı. Bu giyinme odası da evin diğer yerlerini destekler bir tasarıma sahip. Dolap kapaklarının yarı saydam olması, içerideki aydınlatmanın daha güzel bir görüntü oluşturmasını sağladı. Ayrıca bu kapakları böyle tercih etmemizin bir diğer sebebi de, dolabı hiç açmadan müşterinin giysilerini görebilmesi. Ortaya yerleştirdiğimiz oturma ünitesi/puf da müşteriye giyinirken kolaylık sağladı. Böylece bu odanın da her yerini maksimum verimle tasarlamış olduk ve şık ve kullanışlı bir mekan yarattık.
 house project 4833 Golbasi House Residential
 house project 4835 Golbasi House Residential
To highlight the headboard and create a more special feeling, we supplemented the circular shape with our choice of lighting. The reason we chose black background curtains was to enhance the black details in the room, and we got a beautiful image by using it correctly. Thus, we have ensured that the room with plenty of light also has the darkness that is desired to be achieved when the curtains are closed. Although pink appears when looking at the room in general, we have designed a very sweet girl\'s children\'s room that is suitable for use at any age by supporting this image with black and gold details.
 house project 4834 Golbasi House Residential
 house project 4836 Golbasi House Residential
We have made that fairy-tale bedroom, which decorates the dreams of every girl, a reality with this design. We used curves and circular forms in different parts of the room. Thus, we defined each space with these shapes, added depth and created a special feeling in the room. We have created many storage areas for both workspace and clothes. The carpet on the floor, which has black, circular shapes, also supported this circular design language. We used the sweet harmony of powder pink and white both on the wall and on the furniture. Our chandelier preference was also suitable for the style of the room and strengthened this calm, sweet atmosphere.
 house project 4837 Golbasi House Residential
 house project 4838 Golbasi House Residential
In this girl room bathroom, which we designed for a girl, we continued the design language and provided a decent transition between the two areas. We have also reflected the harmony of pink, white and black here. In order to ensure the continuation of this color harmony, we preferred terrazzo, which contains these colors on the floor, and we ensured its continuity with marble on the wall.
 house project 4839 Golbasi House Residential
We chose the black tile we used in the bathroom as a material suitable for use, and we also provided integrity with the sink wall without narrowing the space. We have also created a special atmosphere in the bathroom with our lighting choices.
 house project 4840 Golbasi House Residential
The most important point we gave in the baby room design was to create a calm, collective and suitable environment for playing games. We supported this peaceful atmosphere by opting for neutral tones and added yellow and black details that harmonize very
 house project 4842 Golbasi House Residential
 house project 4841 Golbasi House Residential
We placed the moon motif opposite the crib in accordance with the theme of the room and continued this theme with small details in the whole room, together with the lath details. We combined the yellow color on the curtain with the yellow armchair and puff, creating a sweet corner. We have completed the baby room with a chandelier suitable for the room in accordance with our customer\'s request.
 house project 4844 Golbasi House Residential
 house project 4843 Golbasi House Residential
In this bathroom, we continued the design language of the bathroom in the girls\' children\'s room with different color tones. We also used the harmony of marble and terrazzo in this bathroom and supported it with appropriate lighting. We have added a more modern look to the bathroom with gold and black details. The colors in the terrazzo on the floor provided both integrity to the bathroom and created a striking effect with dark blue tones. We showed the ceiling higher with our thin long mirror selection. Thus, we continued the overall modern look of the house with this stylish bathroom.
 house project 4845 Golbasi House Residential
Another goal of ours in the design of the laundry room was to get a clean image. Jul. That\'s why we preferred that the cabinet doors do not show the inside of the cabinet to prevent the messy image. Finally, we preferred the cabinet handles with gold details to give the laundry room a more modern look.
 house project 4846 Golbasi House Residential
One of the key points in the laundry room is to provide plenty of storage space. For this reason, we have designed the interior of the cabinets to get the most efficiency. We also created a useful space by placing the washer and dryer next to the sink.
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