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Luxury Apartment Design

Luxury apartment design in Natura Batikent Building

Natura Batıkent, Batıkent, Ankara


480 sqm | 2022

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The space we designed for the Natura Batikent Project is giving our customer the traditional memories that the eye looks for, while bonding it with the modern design language. This language serves the purpose of giving our area the identity which we are looking for in the process of creating the continuity. Door details are created with respect to the projection of our special selected ceiling designs and lighting choices.
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The lighting details, ceiling, and wall laths that we selected for the living area establishes the staid atmosphere we aim to create. At the same time, when our curtain and furniture textures are combined, the living area is alleviated from the pure staidness to a more intimate and warm space.
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Our choice of ceiling lighting details are creating a specific space while offering an exclusive dining experience. The wall mirror that is referenced to our dining table is subsidiary to defining the area whilst turning this dining experience to a more conversation oriented, trustworthy, and introvert enviroment for the family. Moreover, this special designed mirror is portraying a rich depth to the dining room for a more valued experience. Our parquet of choice is still preserved in the dining room in order to strengthen the feeling of walking into a isolated space from the halls.
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Further in the halls, we are entering a living room which we expressed the transparency using glass panels. We deciced to give this room an identity of being exclusive, warm and distinctive. Whilst still carrying on the traditional staid language in the details, we managed to define a modern area with the furniture facings, curtain textures and the split complementary color schemed cushions.
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For the kitchen area, we deciced to go with lighter tones to create an lively atmosphere. Merging the white tones with blue particulars and also the ceiling and grounds’ material choices were decided with the aim of a clean look. We located the center kitchen island to associate our counter with the dining table. We managed to access sunlight as more as possible with the location of dining table which is closed to the main facade.
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We had to make vital choices in order to maintain an intimate atmosphere when we were designing the living space near the dining and kitchen area. We evaluated the place considering this common area will take place in members’ daily routines since it is joined with the dining table and the counter. So as to develop a trustworthy and warm gathering space, we added a fireplace to our television unit. Furthermore, we located the furniture facing each other to preserve the introvert energy which enables the pleasant communication and, added vibrant contrast colors helped with the rooms’ warm identity. We added lighted-up shelves to our television unit where our customers could display their memories and it also gave our space a depth we are looking for.
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Rather than a full coverage unit, we choose to design a simple and linear detailed television and storage wall that is suitable for giving a depth to the room. The storage drawers and shelves helped us to maintain the traditional details. With the same purpose, we selected a staid coffee table which unites the traditional details and creates the dignified feeling. The ground parquet section specialized the area which is also the projection of the ceiling design. So as to create a flexible design language, we used linear surfaces for the customers to organize and design as they wish.
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The study room is designed for two individual to move around with ease, therewithal having their personal space. Tables are located facing the walls to facilitate the focusing and the walls are faced with light toned wallpaper and wall laths. Furthermore, the center shelves created an approaching point to both individuals. At the same time, shelves established the unity and continuity in-between the sitting area too.
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We choose to adapt a staider and plainer look to our study room. We maintained the clean look when we framed the center fireplace with a relaxing area and two bookshelves. When white marble texture, wall laths, and wall details are combined, the space gained a formal identity that we wished for. We kept the parquet space large and used the same tone with the tables in order to take benefit from the nature’s energy. We were aware that the curtain choice in this room is vital for complement so, our choice was combining the grey-dominated walls with blue toned curtains to give this area a new energy.
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We made effort when designing the bedroom for the most special feeling since it is going to be one of the most used areas. We added dark toned specifying details to the ceiling and also worked with the same details on the walls too. The aim was to give this room, a room that is carrying marks of traditions and the past, a unique spirit. We managed to give the atmosphere this unique identity with our furniture.
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For the main wall that is behind the bedframe, we deciced to design a defining space. When the bedside table’s stands, bed frame’s details and the wall laths are combined, it drive us to a traditional and luxury dominated room. Further, we added a pier mirror to the main wardrobe to largen the space since it is located in front of the make up mirror. This detail gave more depth to the room with an illusion. We also continiued the lathed look in the wardrobe faces to unite the whole room.
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And lastly, we added a television stand that is going to be a vital eleman when specifiying the caractherictics and the spirit of this room. This well-detailed furniture completes the luxury feeling and opens a door to the past while adapting itself to the modern age design language. This adaptation makes the whole family feel our modern and traditional joined language at every step of the way.
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