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Apartment Design Ümitköy | Ankara Interior Design


Apartment Design

Here is the project of a flat which we designed! Modern, aesthetic appearance and comfort combined in this apartment design. This perfect home design is even beyond dreams. This apartment, designed by Ankara Interior Architecture, came to life with aesthetic touches.

Ümitköy, Ankara

180 sqm | 2022

Ümitköy 5353 Apartment Design Residential
We made harmonious choices by choosing the coffee table and the chandelier in a round shape in the living room, and furthermore, we created a fascinating harmony in the room by choosing the black marble motif on the coffee table in the same pattern as the marble behind the TV wall. In this living room design with dark tones, we made contrast choices with light tones.
Ümitköy 5356 Apartment Design Residential
Ümitköy 5355 Apartment Design Residential
Ümitköy 5354 Apartment Design Residential
We created a heartwarming atmosphere with the light tones we used throughout the living room and the full-length mirror we added to the wall. In addition, the illuminated wall details that we appended next to the mirror add a luxurious look to the environment. In this way, we have achieved both a simple and elegant atmosphere in the living room.
Ümitköy 5351 Apartment Design Residential
Ümitköy 5352 Apartment Design Residential
Ümitköy 5358 Apartment Design Residential
Ümitköy 5359 Apartment Design Residential
Ümitköy 5357 Apartment Design Residential
Ümitköy 5360 Apartment Design Residential
Ümitköy 5361 Apartment Design Residential
Ümitköy 5363 Apartment Design Residential
We have designed the most comfortable bedroom furniture that will make you forget all the tiredness at the end of the day. We added depth by adapting the same color tone of the headboard and the wall behind it and designing a mirror between the walls.
Ümitköy 5362 Apartment Design Residential
While we achieved a plain and clear image by choosing the cream color of the make-up table and the back wall, we preferred cinnamon color for the make-up table pouf, so we got an eye-pleasing look with an effective touch in the plain-looking room. We usually design the bedroom design with a more relaxed and simple look. That\'s why we preferred light color tones throughout the room.
Ümitköy 5364 Apartment Design Residential
Ümitköy 5366 Apartment Design Residential
We provided a dazzling appearance in youth and children\'s rooms, which are designed extremely safe and comfortable. We chose a striking lilac color for the children\'s room and with multipurpose planning, we chose a bunk bed with a table underneath, so we obtained a spacious room that can be used more efficiently.
Ümitköy 5365 Apartment Design Residential
Ümitköy 5367 Apartment Design Residential
Ümitköy 5368 Apartment Design Residential
In the other children\'s room, where we used very light color tones, we made a move that children would love by using picture wallpaper. In addition, we chose a cloudy chandelier compatible with the details of the wallpaper motifs and brought the room to the fore with this little touch.
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