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Ae Evi - Rize  house project | Ankara Interior Design

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Ae Evi - Rize

We have designed our project, spanning 1100 square meters of expansive space, amidst the breathtaking vistas of Rize where dreams embrace the elegance of nature, to be a testament to the art of luxurious living. Drawing inspiration from the captivating environment, we have presented imaginative solutions by seamlessly blending modernity and sophistication. By integrating innovative designs in every aspect, we have added an immersive experience to our project.



1100 sqm | 2022

 house project 5811 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
The entrance area of the house serves as a sensory bridge that gracefully welcomes our guests, creating an inviting initial impression. In this project, the timeless and reflective qualities of white and black marble are employed to establish a brighter entrance, while the veined patterns bring forth a sense of depth. Through the incorporation of wooden and LED-panel walls, we present a warm and intimate welcoming effect with natural tones and textures.
 house project 5812 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
 house project 5813 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
The LED lights we used behind the shelves transform ordinary objects into captivating exhibitions, while the herringbone parquet flooring adds a sense of movement that aligns seamlessly with the space\'s minimalist design language. With the inclusion of diverse pendant lamps on the ceilings, we have achieved a harmonious and flawless transition between distinct areas, ensuring a balanced and cohesive form.
 house project 5814 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
The living rooms are pivotal and unifying spaces within the home. They offer us a comfortable and interactive environment to enjoy pleasant and lively moments. In this project, we have translated the natural energy of the sea view into the interior using earthy tones, while incorporating leather fabrics and understated textiles to create a modernized and inviting living ambiance. The contrasting black and white light strip on the ceiling ensures linguistic coherence, and through our devised framework, we have elegantly distinguished the dining area from the seating space.
 house project 5815 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
 house project 5816 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
In this intimate bedroom that we meticulously designed, we have harnessed the perfect synthesis of aesthetics and emotional resonance. Opting for light shades of open gray in the bed and armchairs, we have utilized the tranquil and neutral energy of these tones. We balanced this serenity with the vibrancy of the herringbone parquet flooring we chose. We added subtle contrasting touches with round-shaped pendant lights.
 house project 5817 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
In our makeup vanity used for daily beauty routines, we have created a dazzling focal point with the use of gold accents. We enriched the room with bold touches through small golden details and complementary accessories.
 house project 5818 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
 house project 5819 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
In this bedroom, which was designed in line with the needs of our client, we created an understated elegance where every detail was meticulously chosen to evoke a feeling of calm and relaxation. In this room dominated by off-white tones, while allowing the mind to get away from the complexities of the outside world by creating a clear look with panel wall paneling; We have made moving touches to the room with decorative furniture details and rounded lighting elements.
 house project 5820 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
In this bathroom that embraces simplicity, we made deep and eye-catching accents by using marble-patterned ceramic tiles in the shower area. We created an elegant language by using the same simplicity in the fixtures and fittings.
 house project 5821 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
In this bedroom design, the wooden wall paneling behind the headboard, along with the wooden flooring, adds warmth and a natural touch to the simplicity of the room. Our minimalist and built-in wardrobe creates a spacious and clean spatial language within the room. The reading nook located next to the window invites you with its soft, gray upholstered chair, making it the perfect place to unwind and lose yourself in the pages of your favorite novel.
 house project 5822 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
 house project 5823 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
We have designed it as a bedroom that embraces the mysterious charm of dark colors with sensitivity. While using darkness as a backdrop to highlight the sculptural elements in the room, we created striking expressions with striking contrasts thanks to light. Thanks to the wooden parquet we chose, we softened the hardness of dark colors. We added liveliness to the room with wall designs with clear lines and bold geometries.
 house project 5824 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
 house project 5826 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
 house project 5827 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
The laundry room combines functional efficiency with aesthetic design. Strategically located, we custom designed devices and storage for seamless workflow. Aesthetically, we have adopted a minimalist design, taking into account lightweight and durable materials. We created a sharp distinction and focal point between our black tiles at backsplash.
 house project 5828 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
 house project 5829 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
In the large event space we have designed, we aimed to provide a visually captivating and versatile environment for entertainment and bonding, harmonizing functionality and aesthetics. Functionally, we allocated comfortable seating arrangements that encourage interaction, spacious and open areas for games, and dedicated mirrored zones for sports. We reinforced this concept by using carpet in some areas and ceramic floor tiles in others.
 house project 5830 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
We brought together baffle ceiling systems with organic forms to complement the high ceiling, creating a stunning visual effect that makes the height feel less imposing in the room. Simultaneously, we added acoustic absorption to this space for sound control. With large windows, we seamlessly integrated the space with a breathtaking sea view, making it a delightful atmosphere where our users can enjoy themselves without completely disconnecting from the outside world.
 house project 5831 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
In the home theater room, we combined comfort, technology, and aesthetics to provide an immersive cinema experience. We offered a controlled acoustic environment with sound-absorbing square acoustic panels. With the fiber LED lighting on the ceiling, we created an extraordinary visual spectacle that makes you feel like you\'re watching a movie under the stars in the sky.
 house project 5832 Ae Evi - Rize Residential
We have created living spaces that include both a Turkish bath and a Finnish steam bath, where we harmoniously integrate cultural influences and modern healthy living concepts. We thoughtfully juxtaposed different functions such as relaxation and purification.
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