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What İs İnterior Architecture

Interior architecture is a design-based profession that uses scientific and technical knowledge to provide comfortable living spaces by responding to the functional needs of the user as well as meeting his aesthetic demands. It is also defined as the organization by examining of the physical characteristics, human factors, psychological values, and physiological, ergonomic, and socio-economic criteria of the architectural structure in a way to me... Read more >>

Who Is Interior Designer And How To Become Interior Designer

An interior architect is a professional who handles a building in terms of usage and aesthetics, he designs it following the physical and mental characteristics of the person. At the same time, elements such as providing space comfort, form, texture, color, material, lighting, equipment elements, and accessories are arranged by the interior architect. The main qualifications and duties of an interior architect are listed as follows. Desi... Read more >>

What Are Fields Of Activity Of Interior Architects

What are the Fields of Activity of Interior Architects? Contrary to common belief, the interior architecture profession offers a wide range of activities to you, our customers. Many places that we frequently visit in daily social life such as houses, offices, schools, hospitals, and stores have been created with the touch of an interior designer without you realizing it. Interior architecture, which is one of the profession groups with the hig... Read more >>

How Should Be A Successful Interior Designer

Qualifications that a knowledgeable and experienced interior architect should have Since interior architecture is one of the rising professions of today, it brings with it many different qualifications and knowledge. For this reason, almost every interior architect who has been successful in his professional life has achieved in reaching the path of success by reflecting different qualifications and discipline brought by his profession to his ... Read more >>