How Should Be A Successful Interior Designer | Ankara Interior Design
How Should Be A Successful Interior Designer | Ankara Interior Design

How Should Be A Successful Interior Designer

Qualifications that a knowledgeable and experienced interior architect should have

Since interior architecture is one of the rising professions of today, it brings with it many different qualifications and knowledge. For this reason, almost every interior architect who has been successful in his professional life has achieved in reaching the path of success by reflecting different qualifications and discipline brought by his profession to his business life. Among these qualification combinations, some of the most prominent features that enable the interior architecture profession to reach the current status are:

The most important professional qualifications required by interior architecture and imperative in working life bring along these areas of mastership, which we have gathered under six headings. For this reason, while choosing the interior architecture profession, or choosing an interior architect or interior architecture firm for a project, these professional qualifications are among the factors that greatly affect success and provide comfort to you.

Architectural and Interior Architecture Project Knowledge

Project knowledge, which is one of the first important stages of the interior architecture profession, is considered as the stage where many possible errors occur during the project process and its conclusion. Project knowledge is the knowledge that internal architectural measurements are made regarding space where the project will be realized, and the probability of error is minimized thanks to the correct measurements made. For this reason, faulty measurements taken by an interior architect who lacks project knowledge will be the main source of problems that will arise during the continuation of the project if they are transferred to the digital environment incorrectly. Project knowledge which is one of the most important details that must be accurately processed to ensure that the project is shaped, designed and the calculations made are consistent must be applied using the architectural measurement techniques and all architectural errors that may occur during the project process should be minimized. The most important details that will increase the comfort level during the daily routine life are designed at the planning stage, where project knowledge is also applied.

One of the most important comfort areas for all of us is undoubtedly our homes. So imagine that you return home after a tiring working day and open the door. When you first enter the house, a console where you can put your keys on or even the interior design of a hall stand to hang your coat is among the small details considered at the first planning stage. One of the most important details that increase the comfort level of the person is that you can turn on the lights as soon as you enter the bedroom where you directly go after you come home or control the lights without getting out of bed.

In offices where people spend a large part of their day, it is necessary to seek perfection brought by fine details, even considering the comfort of office workers or the scenarios of welcoming visitors. Office stairs, reception, and secretariat area that determines the portfolio of companies as the first impression is carefully designed by interior architects with project knowledge. Since projects designed without project knowledge will also cause incorrect measurement results, we can say that when the project is completed, these errors will return to the person as a lack of comfort.

As Ankara Interior Architecture, we complete the surveying part, which is the first stage of the project, with precise measurements and we make a flawless project start. In this way, we aim to plan accurately even each centimeter during the planning stage. In our projects, we evaluate elements such as comfort, ergonomics, durability, balance, elegance, difference, and budget as a whole and create interior architectural projects according to these parameters. Our projects are based on humans whether the project is of a house, an office, a hotel, a restaurant, a dental clinic, or any small room.

Material Knowledge

Architectural materials are undoubtedly the most important factor for interior architects to create functional and aesthetic designs. Architectural materials, which are a wide market where a new product is launched every day, offer customers a wide selection portfolio and it also stipulates the necessity of material knowledge qualification for interior architects. Interior architects who have information about architectural materials, which are the basic elements of designs that will bring comfort and aesthetics in both functional and design terms can present successful designs appealing to the eye and comfort. To know material contents such as construction chemicals, concrete, screed, MDFLAM, solid, acrylic, granite, ceramic, parquet, drywall systems, iron and steel strengths, upholstery and drapery textile materials, artificial and natural leather, drawer rail is one of the most important issues that business life lays down as a condition for interior architects. For this reason, every interior architect should have an up-to-date material knowledge to offer customers a wider range of material selection, to create more efficient and aesthetic designs, and to ensure that the project achieves greater success than expected.

Thanks to its reputation and recognition in the sector, Ankara Interior Architecture has become a primary interior architecture firm where industrial companies, including multinationals, want to promote their products. Our design team periodically participates in informational meetings on new materials, products and details, fair visits, workshops, and similar information updating events. In this way, it follows the most accurate material and the latest technological developments in production and conveys this knowledge and experiences to its customers.

Furniture Knowledge

Furniture knowledge is to come.

Installation and Infrastructure Knowledge

Installation and infrastructure knowledge, which is an important detail that determines the comfort level in the long term in the field of an interior architecture project, is among the vital factors that should be well-planned. Especially many installation and infrastructure designs that do not allow for later changes are of great importance for an interior architect to carry out the project with this knowledge. Many infrastructural designs such as plumbing, natural gas, clean and wastewater lines should be designed by interior architects who have a good command of installation and infrastructure knowledge, considering all kinds of scenarios. Installation and infrastructure designs blended with the project knowledge are a stage that should be considered very seriously so that no extreme situations are encountered during the project process. The installation group operations, which are difficult to change afterward, such as wall-hung WC pan with built-in reservoir, built-in shower faucet, sprinkler shower head, or shower canal should be planned before the infrastructural works begin and they should be located considering the technical variables such as ergonomics standards and wall distances. These are among the main factors affecting the success of the project and the user experience.

Field Knowledge

As in all areas of life, among the most important details in the profession of interior architecture, the field of work, in other words, the command and knowledge of the construction site, is of great importance. Professional field knowledge, which has main headings such as communication and security, plays a very important role in the mental success of the project. Field knowledge includes details such as creating the work area following the project and processing the planned project phases with correct steps and it also includes coordinating the staff through right communication. An interior architect with field knowledge can coordinate the staff in the right way, ensuring that the project timing is consistent and eliminating the extra time and material problems that may arise. Besides, factors such as work and worker safety, which are undoubtedly one of the most important details of a work area, aim to prevent loss of life and property by reducing the possibility of unwanted situations. Field knowledge, which is such an important qualification, is an area of ​​expertise that should be possessed not only by interior architecture staff but also by all workers who work in the same field of work as interior architects.

As Ankara Interior Architecture, work and worker safety are always at the forefront, together with the construction site and site inspection, cleaning, and coordination. With the COVID-19 process that started in late 2019, manufacturing and production are carried out under social distance rules. We pay attention to the factors such as the preservation of field inspection, quality control, and works completed during the construction phase until the delivery of the work.

Detail Knowledge

Detail knowledge which is not included in the five essential main headings of interior architecture greatly affects professional success; it contains functional details and design contents regarding many different subjects. Throughout the project process, the usage areas and usage stages of this detailed knowledge, which ensures the success of both the interior architect and the project, are different from each other.

A command of the latest construction chemicals, which is one of the qualifications that every interior architect should have, plays a major role in maintaining the durability and comfort of the project in the long term after it is completed. Considering that the most important rule that makes the customer happy is long-term comfort, interior architects should attach great importance to the permanence of the project and aim to maintain its durability after the project. After the completion of the project, the plaster cast peeling off the wall due to the incorrectly processed lining may cause questioning both the happiness of the customer and the professional success of the interior architect. Therefore, knowing construction chemicals such as insulation, substrate, and surface protection will prevent many problems that may occur in the long term.

Another one of the most important headings of detailed knowledge is floor products. Many different interior architectural materials such as marble, granite, ceramic, parquet, carpet tiles, PVC floors, or floor finishing products applied by spreading and casting should be planned and implemented with a special professional skill and knowledge. During the addition or application of floor finishing products to the project, knowing the material thickness, size, surface, or application methods of these products by a successful interior architect will eliminate the problems that may occur in the future. Besides, floor products, as in construction chemicals and wall materials, are among the sectors that offer great richness and new products every day in the field of interior architecture. For this reason, it will be a great advantage for an interior architect throughout his career to follow the latest floor products, to have a command of application and processing methods.

Knowledge of air conditioning technologies, which is one of the greatest innovations brought by today's technology in interior architecture, is one of the qualifications that provide a great advantage in this profession. While air conditioning technologies, one of the details that should be designed during the project planning phase, is offering products such as underfloor heating, the combination of ceramic or parquet selection suitable for underfloor heating technology is also among the variables to be created with the knowledge and qualification of the interior architect. The selection of central air conditioner or individual air conditioner following the purpose of the project and heater core models that again vary according to the project are among the details that are left to the design ability of interior architects and affect the continuation of the project. The correct positioning of air conditioning technology products, as well as the selection of these products, is one of the factors that greatly affect the targeted efficiency.

Wallcoverings such as wallpaper, paint, and decorative coating, which can leave customers hesitant in the decision-making process with different types are among the fields where an interior designer can offer to the customer the largest portfolio of products and options. Therefore, interior architects should have enough knowledge to offer the customer a wide range of options and have sufficient qualifications about the latest wall coverings; this will mentally bring a great advantage to both the customer and the interior architect. Besides, wood, metal, or ceramic wall slats, which greatly affect the design aesthetics in this field, are among the most preferred wall coverings in interior architecture.

Ceiling systems, in which different techniques can be applied during the design and planning phase of the project, offer a wide variety of products. Ceiling systems with dozens of varieties such as modular ceilings, drywall ceilings, and metal ceilings are among the detailed knowledge that should be learned by interior architects. Following the models and techniques that emerge every day in ceiling systems which play a big role in the design side of the project is among the vital duties of the interior architecture profession.

Lighting technologies, which are closely related to general project design in the decorative field, are among the details that are very important in creating the general ambiance. Therefore, to have the right light knowledge, being equipped with the construction techniques of lighting products such as chandeliers, wall lamps and lampshades can be considered as one of the most important detail knowledge of interior architecture.

Besides, knowing the design of producible and maintainable lighting products, which are among the products of today's lighting technologies, is among the qualifications that interior architects should carry.

Interior architecture technologies and following these technologies, which are one of the most important branches of long-term professional success, will be the secret of catching the world order that is digitalizing day by day as an interior architect. For this reason, closely following the technological developments in all areas of interior architecture, whether it is lighting or materials, and knowledge will lead to the survival of interior architecture in the coming years and the professional success that comes with it.

Security, which is an undeniable service of the interior architecture profession, is one of the details that are included in the long-term planning of projects and provide planned protection. Low current products, where security materials of technological age such as cameras, alarms, fire sensors, and smoke sensors can be preferred, are the most important channels for interior architects to be informed about. Besides, to be equipped with the advantages of smart home systems, to learn about how these systems are applied, and to follow all other new generation technologies closely is among the biggest investments an interior designer can make in his profession.

In addition to security, electricity and internet infrastructure are also among the most frequently used infrastructural procedures of interior architecture. With the right planning, designing useful electricity and internet infrastructure according to its purpose can also achieve the highest level of efficiency planned in working areas such as offices. For this reason, following closely the electricity and internet infrastructure systems of today's technology by a knowledgeable and experienced interior architect is among the most important details that bring the project to success and the customer to happiness.

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