Who Is Interior Designer And How To Become Interior Designer | Ankara Interior Design
Who Is Interior Designer And How To Become Interior Designer | Ankara Interior Design

Who Is Interior Designer And How To Become Interior Designer

An interior architect is a professional who handles a building in terms of usage and aesthetics, he designs it following the physical and mental characteristics of the person. At the same time, elements such as providing space comfort, form, texture, color, material, lighting, equipment elements, and accessories are arranged by the interior architect.

The main qualifications and duties of an interior architect are listed as follows.

How to Become an Interior Architect?

After graduating from the interior architecture departments of the architecture or fine arts faculties of universities, an interior architect identity is obtained by registering with the Chamber of Interior Architects affiliated to the Union of Chamber of Turkish Engineers and Architects.

Interior architects operate in many sectors. Our company; Ankara Interior Architecture works with interior architects, experts in their fields, who are both competent in designing and have a command of regulations about turnkey detached villa designs, home decoration, office interior architecture, office building architecture, hotel interior decoration, store decoration, restaurant projects, health field designs such as a dental clinic, surgical clinic or doctor's office.

Unfortunately, there are people in Turkey who introduce themselves as a designer or an interior architect if they have an idea about construction, know people about fine works, produce furniture or have them produced, can draw or have it drawn, make combinations of carpets, curtains, chairs. Even if there are such people who easily carry this identity, we often hear about the problems that arise later in decoration works that require experience and expertise and which even lack the educational knowledge such as basic design and basic engineering.

Ankara Interiors and Architects was founded in 2009 by interior architects, it has interior architects with different areas of expertise and it operates within the framework of professional guidelines, principles and high-quality discipline and customer satisfaction-oriented science rules, and it is the most imitated, with high-brand awareness, reputable and well-established interior architecture firm.

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